Tulane Lyrics

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Tulane and Johnny opened a novelty shop,
Back under the corner, was the cream of the crop,
Ev'rything was clickin?and the business was good,
'ill one day, lo and behold an officer stood.
Johnny jumped the counter but he stumbled and fell,
But Tulane made it over Johnny just as he yelled,

Chorus: o head on, Tulane, he can'tcatch up with you.
Go Tulane, he ain'tman enough for you.
Go Tulane, use all the speed you got.
Go Tulane, you know you need a lot.
Go Tulane, he's laggin?behind.
Go ¼ead on, Tulane.?br
Go by your father's house and tell him the business is slow

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And see if he will loan us something, soon as he hits the dough.
Put the cat out in the hall and rumple up the room
Go by Doctor Keller's, tell him you swollowed some perfume
Tell him we need him quick, uz he may to testify
That you been sick all day and that's a perfect alibi

Go, let Danny drive in case you run into the Man
Back by the shop and get the stuff and hide it in the van
Go back by your father's, get the money for the bail
And bring it down and bail me out this rotten, funky jail
We gotta get a lawyer in the click of politics
Somebody who can win the thing or get the thing fix