Further Adventures Of The Time Being Lyrics


Church - Further Adventures Of The Time Being

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They built the pyramids, toiled with tons of stone
Irrigated deserts, made giant golden thrones
Built palaces in India and a dome on the moon

Illustrated ceilings, praised God with strange choirs
Fed the five thousand, built cities of spires
Felt the pull of science unravel in their minds

Charted celestial bodies and were punished for their finds
Conquered snow-peaked mountains, drove jungles to retreat
Were drowned in vicious rapids and were heralded for their feats

Fantasized in Babylon, built a home in space

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Scaled the walls of China against all human odds
Won battles without hope and saw men turned into Gods

Still they hide their faces well unbetrayed by Heaven or hell
Only traces to be found although their history resounds
Disconnected they displayed all the discoveries they made

And now they wander 'round the earth beyond the realms of death or birth
If you look, you'll see them there like clouds hangin' in the air
And they said the earth was flat, sailed off the world into a vat

Turned the planets into toys then played marbles like small boys
Invented love, invented hate, hung them off the arms of fate
Hear them whisper, hear them speak, seems they found what we still seek