Kicking Your Crosses Down Lyrics

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In case it gets away from us
Don t pull it closer,
the damage revealed the cost
And it wasn t worth it, but they ll never know
To keep in mind the line that separates idols
If the world is a dream and nothing is worth it
Unless you have a god. (We re all going to hell)

But we wont be saved we ll live as slaves to love
What god takes away, let s refill all your holes with mud

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Purchase your tickets; I m kicking your crosses down

And all the voices sound just like you
I ll be there-
Breathe in-
It s been so long (I ve felt so wrong again)
I fixed myself up nice but you never came
The words rolled off our backs and sound the same

I ll be waiting-
I hope that it s worth it but I ll never know