Majesty Lyrics

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Knew you were born under a waxing moon
Wide eyed and waiting for most the view
Sharper than moonlight
All is one
"Heaven awaits you now..hope you find our door"
Eyes pressed tightly, waltz with stars
The sweeter now must move on
Your words are so beguiling ...all is right this
"Heaven and constancy" I hope you learned
Can I hold you in pages adore you your words
they have power over me

[lyrics was taken from] I have dreamed of your majesty
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The pain of this illusion comforts me
it reminds me of how well I was, the next to leave
earching for a heart as ripe as your smile
I have left you here hope you hide me
Can hold you in pages I adore you these words
they cast this feeling over me
Can I know you in pages enthrall you in words
that have this power over me