Thios Chois Na Tra Domh Lyrics

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From jason carns
Th'os cois na tr' domh, in ndoimhneacht na h-o'che
An saol mhor ina gcodhladh, 's mise liom f'in
Na h-'anacha mara ag scairtigh go l'anmhar
Cosúil le h-anamnacha bochta I bp'in.

Ioml'n geala' 's ioml'n rabharta
Aoibhneas 's ciúineas, 's 'illeacht sa domhain
Crón'n na fairrige ag dul siar ar mo chluasa
Bog-cheol an uisce ag sileadh san abhainn.

Istigh ar na h-inse'in t' sean-reilig bheannaithe
An 'it inar mhaireadh naoimh san aimsir fadó
T' daoine istigh ann ag chaith seal go h-aerach
N' shiúlfaidh siad thar f'n chladaigh n'os mó.

Bhuail uaigneas m'int'nn 's m' ag amharc ar an reilig
's m' ag meadhradh ar dhaoine istigh ann ina lu'
Fir a's mn' óga, seandaoine 's p'ist'
Muintir mo mhuintir 's cairde mo chro'.

T' na coiligh ag glaoch 's na r'alta ag b'nú
T' an ghealach ina lu' 's n' fada go l'
Sl'n agat anois a shean-reilig bheannaithe
's na daoine a shiúlfadh liom s'os cois na tr'.

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From jason carns
Down by the beach, in the deep of night
The big world is sleeping and I am alone
The sea-birds are calling sorrowfully
Like poor souls in pain

Total purity and total abundance (? )
Bliss and calmness and beauty in the world
The murmur of the sea going into my ears
The soft song of the water flowing in the river.

Above on the headland* there is a blessed old cemetery
The place in which saints lived in times long ago
There are people within spending a while carefree
The will not walk round on the shore any more.

Loneliness strikes my spirits as I look at the cemetery
And I'm thinking about the people in there sleeping
Men and young women, old people and children
People of my people and friends of my heart.

The cocks are crowing and the stars are fading
The moon is setting and it's not long until day
Goodbye now blessed old cemetery
And to the people who walked with me down by the beach.

(above...)* a rough translation. couldn't find the word "inse'in", but think it means something like this.