Now ! Lyrics

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Swaet runs down the centre of my back
Crawling like an insect - it makes a track
Swaet runs down the nape of my neck
Anticipation - the cause and the effect
So catch each drop as I catch each breath
'Til there's no doubt, no indecision, 'til there's not one question left
Walking streets alone amid a mass of strangers faces
Fill my time with thoughts of you and I in distant places
Now i must have you !
You breathe new life - it's all around
It calls my name without a sound
This distance cuts down deep inside
Planes carre like knievs acrosss the sky
I must be with you !
This place never cares to see who goes or who remains
I wait and watch the boats set sail, I linger and listen to the far off trains
This land of mine, drifts off alone, far out to sea

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With no direction, no intention, nothing left to offer me
And I can't stay !
It stand alone - back on the world
And through it all it still seems to curl
Itself around the people, binding tighter than a rope
Gives nothing away for something, each day without hope
It's no home for the luxury of love !
The Good Life out of each on the placards
Doesn't hide away the truth of the broken down facades
The buildings burn, the streets on fire
Every muscle,every nerve stretched to reach for somewhere higher
Feel me now !
Will youremain, place your trust
Turn ideas into motions before mechanisms rust
Will you hold me tight with arms, with words, in your comfort keep me warm
I beg refuge in your shelter as I fly into the storm
Take me !
Take me now !