I Can See Them Coming Lyrics

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I'm the center of my own universe and I'm sitting on top of my world
I'm the middle of my attention and I'm the best joke I've ever heard
I'm the king of my own castle and I'm the master of my own mind
I'm the best friend that I've ever had, the best friend that I'll ever find
I'm the nicest person I've ever met, the only person that I'll never forget
I'm the best sex that I've ever had, the one relationship I'll never forget

I can see them coming

We want to lock you up, they want to lock me up
We want to put you away, they want to put me away
We want to shut you up, they want to shut me up

[lyrics was taken from http://www.lyrics.my/artists/clawfinger/lyrics/i-can-see-them-coming] We want you out of the way, they want me out of the way
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I'm the greatest star in my hall of fame, I'm the host of my own show
I'm the main character in my book, I'm the most humble guy I know
I'm the leader of my own army, I'm the fuhrer of my chosen ones
I'm the atom bomb that I'll blow my world, all the way to my kingdom come
I'm the god of my own bible, I'm the Jesus of my own cross
I'm the savior of my own people and I'm my own creator

I think I'm going crazy
I'm loosing my mind