Somethin's Missin' Lyrics

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You've got it made
So they say you do
Don't need a thing
And they envy you
Live like a king
In a castle
Got the money, got the power,
Got the world on a string

But there's an empty look in your eyes
And it's comin' from a heart that cries

'Cause somethin's missin' inside
Lookin' for a peace of mind
That you never will find
In the things of this world
Doesn't matter what you've got
If you don't know the love of God
There's somethin' missin' in your life

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Look who walked in
You're a beauty queen
Right off the page
Of a magazine
Every man's dream
To be with you
Got 'em callin', got 'em fallin'
Got their hearts on a string

But you wonder why you feel alone
And why the misery within you grows

Repeat chorus

I have the answer
To put an end to all your pain
His name is Jesus
He will fill your world
With a love that'll never fade.

Repeat chorus