Only On Days That End In & "y & " Lyrics


Clay Walker - Only On Days That End In & "y & "

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When you left, I told myself
I wouldn't let you haunt my mind
I'd be strong, i'd carry on
An? leave the past behind
I'd just forget we ever met
An? find somebody new
An? now I want you to know
I'm almost over you


The only time I ever miss you, honey
Is when i'm alone or when i'm with somebody
Your memory never even gets to me
'cept when i'm awake, an? when i'm sleeping
Girl you never even cross my mind
'cept just when I think I left you far behind
Only when I laugh, only when I cry

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An? only on days that end in "y"

Now i'll admit, you're hard to quit
I been goin? through a bad withdrawal
But you can bet I had to let
You walk before i'd crawl
I got my pride, wrong or right
I'm gonna stand my ground
An? i ain't gonna let
Your memory get me down


When you walked out, I was just about
To break down an? beg you not to go
But if you wanna come home,
I think it's only fair that you should know