This Is What Matters Lyrics

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Got a briefcase from work I left in the trunk
Thought I'd take this vacation and finally catch up
So I checked out the view and let go of that ladder
I thought to myself, this is what matters

Got my eye on the kids making castles in sand
Got my back in the chair with your hand in my hand
Couple umbrella drinks and some shrimp cachgion platter
Hey, this is the life, this is what matters

And I ain't gonna answer my cell phone
I don't care about going on line

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The office, the boss, what this trip's gonna cost
Is the last thing on my mind

Let the kids fall asleep to that movie again
We'll talk on the balcony long as we can
I can't hardly wait, wish the night would come faster
Making love to you baby, yeah, this is what matters

I wish these six days would stretch on and on
But I'll realize five days from now that they don't
And right now I'm soaking up sun, love and laughter
God help me remember this is what matters
When it's all said and done this is what matters