Cledus Don't Stop Eatin' For Nuthin' Lyrics


Cledus T. Judd - Cledus Don't Stop Eatin' For Nuthin'

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Parody of Mama DOn't Get Dressed Up For Nothing by Brooks & Dunn (Kix Brooks/Don Cook/Ronnie Dunn, Sony/ATV Tunes L.L.C. dba Cross Keys Publishing/Showbilly Music
New lyrics by Cledus T. Judd (I stopped here due to the album details stopped here...but I knew Cledus would have been listed in I just left him)

She said a "hey plow boy done ate half a cow
And I still can hear your big old belly growl"
So I steamed up a fresh heap of broccoli for you
You've got calories to burn and some pounds to lose

Well you can bring that broccoli with squirrel and dumplings
Cause Cledus don't stop eatin' for nuthin'

She said "I've cooked non-stop in this house for weeks
Time to get your big butt up on somewhere's else to eat"
So I've been down to Shoney's four times today
I hit the Sizzler and the Quincy's they were on the way

I 'bout blowed out my colon from buffet jumpin
Cause Cledus don't stop a-eatin' for nuthin'

If you like love handles and big old buns

[lyrics was taken from] I've pounds of passion and tons of fun
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I look like Flabio in my king-cab truck
To look like Brooks and Dunn I need a tummy tuck

We got to find a little place where I can eat some more
Before I start rollin' on this hardwood floor
Heck down to Hooters break out the wings
Then make a run down to the border I'm an eatin' machine

Fire up the stove and keep the fat clams comin
Cause Cledus don't stop eatin for nuthin'
If it's all you can eat then you'll see me runnin
Cause Cledus don't stop eatin for nuthin'
Tell Richard Simmons he can kiss my (bump-kin ???)
Cause Cledus don't stop eatin for nuthin'
Make my pies pumpkin
And my donuts Dunkin
Cause Cledus don't stop...