Is Funny Lyrics

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I was down in mexico puttin' on a little show but noone was laughin' at the jokes I told no
I guess my perides but trasnlate
then my tummy started rumbling from the tacos I ate
I had to think fast
I toke a chance
I moved the microphone around the back of my pants
would they all laugh

I didn't know
I bent down and let it go

(in backgroud) ole cledus!
(backup singers)

Its the same around the world
(backup singers)

Even out in budapest
(backup signers)
(farts) is funny
then there was a time I went over to china
I saw the great wall an' I had a great timea
seperated from my tour group a found a litte place an' got some wan-tan soup
I sat with a man named Mr. Mariyachi
he talked to much and ate beef tariyachi
in all of his chatter I thought it wouldn't matter I almost made my own po-po platter
( with chinese accent)wo wo wo you a funny guy cleduson

Its the same around the world

[lyrics was taken from] even on Mt. Everest
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(farts) is funny

it was a perfect hour at the effel tower
I gave my french giflfreind a bunch of flowers
she leaned over to kiss me
I asked her if she loved me and I said wee-wee(wee-wee)
we found a little cafe on the sidewalk
so we could have dinner and a nice talk
I thought I ruined the mood with all that french food
maybe let a little bit of pepelapew

The united nations needs its infromation an' maybe there wont be any misinterpution
they wont be able to talk aout war
they when they hear a (farts) theyll be rollin' on the floor

its the same around the world
let one rip its the best
(long fart) wew is funny
you know whats funny you laughing right now
and everybody laughs every single time
the kids laugh
you laugh
your brother laughs
everybody laughs
its the universal languauge