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I've been known to lay here
And watch TV all night
Flippin' through the channels
But can't find the thing I like

What happened to my favorite shows
Where they went I'd like to know
But right now what I need most in my life's

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Wally, Ward and June them there Cleavers
Nothin' else'll do, Seinfeld's awful funny
Home Improvement's kind of cool
But what I'd really like to see on my TV's

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Now 'Nick At Nite' done brought them
Good ol' shows back from the past
'My Three Sons' and 'Happy Days' are here again at last

Them Technicolor, black and whites
'I Dream Of Genie' day and night
The only thing that I like more than 'M A S H' is

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See him and Wally fight
"Why hello, Mrs. Cleaver?"
Eddie Haskell's so polite

I've seen every episode
A hundred times or more I know
But one thing you can't get too much of in life's

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That never hurt no one
I've been watchin'
Ever since that I was young

Now each night when I go to bed
I turn the TV on instead
My wife will tell you just how much I love

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Ladies and gentlemen, Brad Paisley on lead guitar
Stroke it
Bet you can't play the piano
That's why he's nominated for entertainer of the year

I bet you 5 dollars, you can't play a fiddle
Uh, would you take $3.50, uh, sorry
Give me that guitar, I'll show you how to play it
Thanks for showing me that lick there, Fred

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Y'all thought that I was done
Gonna keep on singin'
I'm havin' too much fun

This here is just a silly song
And I hope that y'all don't take it wrong
Do you think I'm ever gonna get me some?

Me neither