My Voice Lyrics

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Some kids have it, some kids don't
I was eleven when I was signed
I was on the CMA's and
Y'all thought that Vince Gill sang high

Then puberty played a trick on me
A few mustache hairs
A change occurred
My voice matured

My first single did so good
I bought bikes for all my friends at school
A little something for mom and dad
Like an in-ground swimming pool

Look at this pimple
Oh, man it hurts
The sweetest voice you'd ever heard

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Till my voice matured

My voice, my high pitched voice
It just went away
It happens to all boys
It keeps changing every single day

I bet nobody thought
I'd go overnight from soprano to bass
Now all of my hits are too high
For me to sing all the way

I need some help, it sounds absurd
I used to sing just like a girl
But my voice matured
My voice matured, my voice matured

Oom pah pah, mau mau mau
That's not funny Cledus