Refried Beans Lyrics

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Parody of Refried Dreams by Tim McGraw (J. Foster/M. Peterson) Zomba Enterprises/Millhouse Publishing Company (ASCAP/BMI)
New lyrics by Cledus T. Judd (No Relation), Bruce Burch & Daniel Sarenana, BLT Publishing (BMI). Daniel Sarenana Publishing Designee

Last Friday evenin'
I went to dry heavin'
Bent over double in pain
From out of my mouth
And right on a new Lexus
A hell of a load I sure swang

On my knees I was throwin'
The owner was goin'
Inside to pay for his gasoline
I'm in a mess at the Texaco
Barfin' up refried beans

I'm down at the Texaco
Sick as a dog
My stomach's churnin'
My tail end is raw
I swear it's the last time
I'll eat another taco supreme
I'm in a mess at the Texaco
Barfin' up refried beans

No this picture ain't purdy
I ate number 30
And drank too much Mexican beer

[lyrics was taken from] Four shots of tequila
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Don't mix with fajitas
I'm prayin' a bathroom is near
I OD'd on tamales and green guacamole
Lord I hope that the toilet is clean
I'm in a mess at the texaco barfin' up refried beans

I'm down at the Texaco
Smell like a hog
Knee deep in poo poo
The commode was clogged
Who used it the last time
Ooo boy did it stink
At the Texaco because of those refried beans

I'm down at the Texaco
Where's Tim McGraw???
While I'm sittin here peelin' the paint off the walls
He's probably sippin fine wine and dining on fancy cuisine
While I'm here at the Texaco from eatin' them refried beans
A mess at the Texaco from eatin them refried beans

I said I'd be out in a minute