Doing Fine Lyrics

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Don't feel bad,don't feel good,
Feel alright 'cos I'm doing as I should,
Don't look back,no I don't have the time,
I guess I'm doing fine.

Got no bags to slow me down,
Travelling light but my feet are on the ground,
Got no message,i ain't got a dime,
I guess I'm doing fine.

Don't need no paper telling me bad news,
No politician giving their views,
Don't need no doctor to tell me I'm well,

[lyrics was taken from] I feel like heaven and I've been through hell.
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Talking straight I don't feel confused,
Don't want nothing,i've got nothing more to lose,
Don't need no credit,don't show me where to sign,
I guess I'm doing fine.
I guess I'm doing fine.
I guess I'm doing fine.

Don't come looking for me,
'cos I'm doing fine,
No missing persons,
'cos I'm doing fine,
Don't go home,
'cos I'm doing fine.