Hold Us Together Lyrics

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Nothing ever stays the same
Everything must change
Just take a look around you
You know it will astound you

History unfolding shows us
Good intentions pass
And a love once pledged in moonlight
Isn't guaranteed to last

(only your love is constant baby)
(only my love for you)
Only your love can hold us together
Only you - and everything you do
Just one kiss and my dreams come true
Only you - and everything you say

[lyrics was taken from http://www.lyrics.my/artists/cliff-richard/lyrics/hold-us-together] Only loving you - can make me feel this way
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People who just play at love
Make loving something cheap
And it's only worth the playing if we
Play the game for keeps

The book of life has pages girl
That you and I must turn
And in every chapter in every story
Something there to learn

Repeat chorus

Love is patient, love is kind
Love is rarely ever blind
Take a look and you will find

That love is just caring
And sharing our loving together