Choose The One Who Loves You More Lyrics


Copeland - Choose The One Who Loves You More

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rain rain rain on my mind
i've got a secret life
wipe wipe wipe it away
nothing can make me dry
fight all the while
fight till i think i'm free
fear reigns so we never see
beautiful secret lives

it could make you,
face all your fears

smile smile in the day
fear takes its place at night
you're pretty in the rain
i love your secret life

it can make you,

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face all your fears

i could leave you well enough
alone believing you'd be overcome
and gone by grace away
better off than if i stayed
i could leave you walk away
we'll save it for another day
through all the wars i've come to know
it's punches pulled, not towels thrown in

when they come knocking on your heart's door
choose the one who loves you more, oh
and when you've found something to die for
(it can make you face all your fears)
they'll be knocking on your heart's door.