Selfish Animal Lyrics

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I've been clean for so long
Clinging is a point of view
Innocence I couldn't keep
I bloody my hands at the taste of your body

And in the morning when you wake
will you regret all of these things I couldn't bear mentioning
what they meant to me
Cause they meant something to me

You want it
Be honest
Dressed to kill with your hand in my pocket
(Is that all I am)
Is that all I am to you
Selfish Animal

I led you on and brushed you off

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Jonas said I could always get what I want
But I don't know what I want
I just want I want I want I want

And you fought, too
so hard
your body as bullets
I got caught in the crossfire
Yeah this is a war
And this battle finds me pinned against the floor

Quiver beneath my hand while you're begging me to stop stop stop
Would if I could, I'm losing control and I can't seem to quit quit quit
If these sheets could talk and spill all their guts, jury wants to know just one thing
How many before have tasted these lips?
Don't you sense the flavor's wearing out?
Wearing out