Dolphin Boy Lyrics

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He lived by the sea
The Dolphin Boy
And he loved the dolphins that swam so free
The Dolphin Boy

He was at one with the ocean
The dolphins he loved with devotion
And he could not hide his emotion
The Dolphin Boy
So he abandoned the land up above
The Dolphin Boy
So he could be with the mammals he loved
The Dolphin Boy

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He was fulfilled in heart and mind
He was at one with all dolphin kind
And he knew God's greater design
The Dolphin Boy

Then he was hit by a boat
The Dolphin Boy
He was torn wide open from groin to throat
The Dolphin Boy
He said to the dolphins, Please help me.
The dolphins said simply, E! E! E!
And they nibbled the pieces as they drifted free
Goodbye to Dolphin Boy
So long to Dolphin Boy