Point Me A Direction Lyrics

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K. Messal / G. Cormier
I've been traveling a long, long road, under a heavy load
and I can't see my way home
rain is fallin' heavily down, can't see my feet for the ground
I'm walking through a river of pain
Up around the very next bend, crossroads in my life again
must be time for introspection
lord I am a weary child, can you take the load for a while
and point me a direction
'Cause the cold dark night wind's blowing
don't know if I'm coming or going
seems I've been down this road before

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I think I hear someone calling me
is it real or a memory
I don't think that I wanna see
around the next bend
People stop their lives to stare, will they ridicule or care
there's times it's hard to tell
will they laugh to keep from crying
am I the ghost of their dreams dying
or somehow their salvation
And the love ones I have known, distance between us grows
and I can't think what to say
Lord, I've fallen to my knees, Through the pain I beg you please
point me a direction.