Technocracy Lyrics

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This ecological atrocity finally
Caves in on itself...perhaps it's
All for the better
We're living in the new age
Lock your doors and say goodnight
As toxins leach out of sight
Of electronic security
Technocracy probable cause
Technocracy bending some laws
A year
Of yourself is making fifty grand
Living in fear making something
Creating more and more poison
The technology that spawned
Our every convenience
Technocracy bending laws

[lyrics was taken from] Pledge of toxic allegience
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All American clones
Technocracy probable cause
Rabbit at your career
On and on their sermon drones
Part of this insanity
It goes on all around you
Working for the technocracy
Technocracy bending some laws
Technocracy probable cause
There are limits to
Growth on this planet but
There is no limit to your
Green or potential to
Exploit...the end of
Suffering or just an
Eternal scream