Life Despite God Lyrics

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You shouldn't have loved me baby when I was nothin', nothin at all
I used to bleed for you just to watch you fade
Baby, baby, baby, rock and ruin
Baby, baby, baby, I'm never ever comin' home

You should've loved me baby when redemption's too blind
Nature took my beauty and sin left a scar
Time ravaged my body and now I live in the house
Where the red lights always on

Baby, baby, baby
Shame on you
And me and you

Oh, baby running away
Running away, to you

Now I will wait for you but I wont wait very long
I will wait for you and when you bore me I'll be gone
And I will cheat on you I will fuck you up it's just in my nature, baby
Well there ain't nothing, nothin I can do to stop

Here comes the rain
Here comes the rain

My, you're blood is pumpin' good and evil
God and the devil ain't no ones pity

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Well baby your loves with me, your loves with hate
I will fuck you up, I will feel no guilt

Thats right, rub it in, rub it in
Can't get under you skin
You'll never get on your feet

Oh mess your head till you can't see straight
I want your blood, it's pumping black, 'coz baby
Baby your love's with me
Here we go round your'e red and you're red, you writhing away

Run way your heads on fire
Can't tell the difference
Between hate and desire
Everything went all fucking wrong
Chaos reigns when I'm along

Fuck you up
Won't get me out
Wash that stain under your skin
Can't wash it out
'Coz I'd wash it in

All my love's in vain
All my love's in blood
All my love's in vain
I cannot find a vein