Slowmotion Lyrics

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every instant second a suspension of forever
a frail continuos sequence spanning over lives
blindfolded by stars we roam in our realm
striving to the very last dwindling at the most
relentless marching in the waste we produce for living
tending to forget we are not the lasting kind
every day we die we are slowly decomposing
the steps we take upon the earth will be worn and lost
as the moment elapsed
we walked in slowmotion
denying the tide

[lyrics was taken from] we'll find our devotion
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possessed by our possessions we deny the present
in the gallery of achievements we look upon the past
and as the moment passed away recalling the restraint
counting and weighing the amount of our breaths
but strong in the knowledge of your lack of purpose
by learning the fear and gaining our composure
content at the surface descension to come
peace in aloneness although all will be lost
as the moment elapsed
we walked in slowmotion
awaiting the tide
we'll lose our devotion