Everybody Loves Jill Lyrics

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Everybody loves Jill (x2)
She's got a red heart
She wears on her red sleeve
She drinks her red wine
With her favorite red cheese

Everybody loves Jill
And that's why
Everybody loves Jill
Everybody loves Jill

She's got a red house
To go with her red boat

She's got a red dress
That she wears with her red coat

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Sometimes the whole wide world demands her
Even the people who can't stand her
She drives a red car
Rides in a red hat
She's got a red door
Plays with her red cat
That lights up her red room
She's got a red light
She eats her red cake
With my favorite red spoon


Everybody loves Jill
(I love Jill)
Everybody loves Jill
(I know I do)
(I love Jill)
(I know you do)Everbody loves Jill