Hey Bartender Lyrics

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Hey bartender pour me another one
'cause I don't think that I've had enough
make it a bourbon make it a double one
you can see that I'm still standing up
whiskey and women well they fool me every time
into thinking I'm the hero I have pictured
in my mind

so tell me a secret to get me through the night
or let's turn up the jukebox and tell me a lie

where am I this evening? no I don't mean what bar
I mean what city? and in what state am I?
honey, are you leaving? and do you have a car?
and could you take me along for the ride?
a woman like you well, you could enter in my life

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here's a quarter why don't I play us a song
B 33 I believe it's George Jones
I believe it's a slow one in 3/4 time
so let's turn up the jukebox and tell me a lie

hey bartender did she say where she was going?
well I must have dozed off for awhile
are these my cigarettes? and how much do I owe?
I guess I'll see you again tomorrow night
do you think she'd mind it if I called her
up sometime?
I might be the reason she's been searching
her whole life