So Sad About Me Lyrics

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There's a window by the bedroom door
That never will be opened
If you spend the whole day looking out
And never look within
And your lover and your mother
And your father have been hopin'
That you find the truths
You're looking for
By searching deep within

So sad about me?
I'm sad about you
There's a reason why the sunrise sets
And friends and loved ones leave us
There's a method to the madness
Like a future to your past
And your lover and your brother
And your sister should believe us
Cause the mysteries beyond our reach

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Anything is possible

In the morning when you wake yourself
You wonder what you're doing
As you rub your eyes so violently
While falling out of bed
Is there nothing educational
In words that you are chewing
As you seek the soothing solace
Of a friendly shower head

But I really must admit that
I am glad that I am living
There were times when I
Would pray to God
And ask that I was not
And I've learned that taking
Isn't really half as much as giving
But the secret to your wisdom
Is the oneness in your soul