Sweetest Thing Lyrics

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The words that I speak
Don't always match
The feelings to which
They are attached

So just what kind of man is that
Who gives you words
Then takes all of them back
Sometimes I wonder why
I can't articulate
On baited breath
We sit quiet and wait
But how much of the silent treatment can my lady take?
When the words I give are the words that break.

I have emotions that I can't express

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As all of my emotions but when I find the words
I'll say the sweetest thing she's ever heard
I'll say the sweetest thing she's ever heard

The things I say don't say like I really need them too
But still I try
Sometimes the words are hard to find
To quench your thirst and ease your mind


And I will take the time
To make you sure that you're the one
That makes your baby's love come down