Sympathy For The Crow Lyrics

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Breathing Underwater

Two suns in a closed jar.
Liquefy the viper for the show.
Cut the cord and breathe deep.
Racing in a dead sleep.

Sympathize in silence for the crow.

Swear to be a prophet.
Steal the jewel and drop it.
Lay another crack out in the road.
Happenstance and visions, stupid superstitions.
Sympathize in silence for the crow.

You lose the battle when
you start believing in everything you read
it's just like Stevie said.
A cosmic free for all with caps and crystal balls
when you believe in things like the archetype in wings.

The humble and meager,

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the perpetual griever,
sing 'em to sleep, but the crow just gets no sympathy.

The humble and meek,
the tired and the weak,
Sing 'em to sleep, but the crow just gets no sympathy.

King underachiever
half an unbeliever.
King the sleeping serpent down and go
hide out in the open, cowering but hoping.
Sympathize in silde for the crow.


Though he's a bird to prey, let the crow eat cake.
You know hoe ravens love the crumbs.
Throw them to the black cats that cross our tracks
Frozen stiff and maybe they'll melt in the sun.

Chorus 2X