Brain Washed Follower Lyrics

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Yo yo, hey man, ain't you guys among, Plug One? Plug Two?
Potholes in my Lawn? You're those weird guys, De La Soul, right?
Yeah, what's up little man, how you feeling? I'm Dove, how you feeling?
Yo what's up man? My name is Pos, yo yo I'm Mase
Yo shorty, what's your name?

Oh, my name? Jeff, you guys are walking?
Now rappers ain't supposed to walk, sorry little man, but you know
Jeff, I told you, my name is Jeff, if you guys are rappers
Where's your dukey gold chains? Y'all don't have no dukey gold chains
We don't wear gold chains, we'd rather spend our money on more Important things like, equipment, necessities and video games

Y'all are crazy, no chains, dag, okay, where's your BMW?
You're not supposed to walk, where's your jeeps, your Maximas?
Maximas? Yo, Maxin' would break my flow and with the cause of gas
Jeff man, I'd rather take the transit that's mass

What you say? You are C R A Z E E, crazee
Don't you know you can't be def if you don't have no gold?
Or a car, man? What's up? Who told you that?
Everybody who's def has gold, cars, money, girls, clothes

[lyrics was taken from] Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute shorty, you're buggin'
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Do you like Plug Tunin' and Potholes? Yeah that song's def
But we don't wear no gold chains, nor do we ride BMW's
And Maxes or Jeeps, but you still think our music is def, right?
Wait a minute, did I say 'def'? Rrah! What?

Nothing, nothing, it's just that we don't deal with all that
Materialistic stuff, but we still got what it takes to please
And supply our listeners, understand my man?
Where's your beepers? Why don't you have beepers?
Everybody wears beepers, you have to have beepers to look down

Augh, little man is brainwashed indeed
Nah, nah, beepers are the least of status situators, man
Plus I find them ugly as parking tickets, you guys talk funny
Well ,actually our verbal is kinetic, so when released flow A to Z
Is perfectly pitched in andvance in intricacy

Yeah, you homeboys are really bugged
Wait a minute, did he say, bugged? Rrah!
So no car, no beepers, no gold, that's weak man, that's weak
Jesus, did he say weak? Jesus, they never learn
Foolish mind, have I, have I actin' like that lady, that lady
Peace, my brother