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I am trugoy
A dove-like boy
Could wingspread,
But instead,
I will employ

Me the plug three
Or baby huey
I eat up
All ketchup
For it's tendency

I am plug one
I'm 19 years young
I love peace
Well at least
I think we need some

I'm q-tip y'all
3 feet produced by prince paul

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This session
Was lessoned
By one qualiall

I am granny
Thank discoriety
The 3, 4
Yo, no more
I need peace for me

China & jette:
I'm china
I'm jette
The cue cards we inject
We're crazy for daisies
When we're on the set

Will rise, not fall
Definition, prince paul
The mentor
Don't be sore
When I say
That's all