Do As De La Does Lyrics

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, word
Yeah, yo, oh yeah, yo word
Yo, uh, yeah uh-huh

Yo, yo, yo, yo
We got De La Soul in the house
The producer Prince Paul and P.A. Mase
Yo, and I want to know one thing
Yo, yo, we gotta travel right up your hands

Let me hear you say aa-ow
Say aa-ow
Come on, come on, come on

Plug one on the mic
P L U G O N E, yo, what's up?
You know about Jimmy
You know about Jenny
I wanna hear everybody in this place

C'mon, say plug it up
(Plug it up)
Say plug it up
(Plug it up)

Now, if you got somebody next to you
With some bad-ass breath
I want you to tell that brother

Come on, tell him,"Take a luuden"
(Take a luuden)
Say take a luuden
(Take a luuden)

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Plug two, oh, what's up
Here we go
If you like to drink some soda
Let me hear you say Coca-Cola


Ah yeah, pump it, pump it
Ah yeah, pump it up
(What you got, what you got , what you got?)
Yo, if you got doo doo in your pocket
You got doo doo in your pocket

Put one hand in the air like this
Wave it back and forth, say doo doo
(Doo doo)
Say doo doo
You want doo doo?
(Come on, ah yeah)

Yeah yeah this is plug three
This is plug three, yeah, say hoo
(We're the, hoo)
Say hoo

Hey, De La Soul, you fuckin' lasagne heads
That's better than my mama's lasagne
Hey, hey, come on, that was freakin' A, man

I really wanna take it back home with me, you know
I really get into your fuckin' music
It's so excellent, ah, you big sconzilli heads
De La Soul's fuckin' great