Simply Havin' Lyrics

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As we go clubbin', me and my peoples, we be lookin' and we buggin'
Off these ladies talkin' 'bout no dance floor rubbin'
'Til we supply 'em with at least two to three mixed drinks from the bar
They must be out they mind, them rookies get dismissed

'Cause it ain't hard to find, the ladies that can move it
To the latest bassline, attached to the drum
That'll set it off and make the local DJ a star
But can I get a boost from the bass and the treble?

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This record ain't for soothin' but for raisin' blood levels
We simply havin' fun but know that some don't like the music
That it promotes rappin' and global gun-clappin'
But still promoters packin' in the clubs where I'm at

Plus, everywhere I go so just realize the fact
That we won't be denied that respect you try to hide
Shit this ain't rock 'n' roll
('Cause the rap is in control, Q-Tip)