Rat Bat Blue Lyrics

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Hey baby, what you gonna do
When the lights go up on you ?
What's your name, can I drive you home ?
Sweet woman, are you all alone ?

You're the one for me
I'm gonna keep you busy as a bee
Could bee, could be

Rat bat blue
Rat bat blue
Rat bat blue

Now, get up woman, don't be slow
It's getting late and I wanna go
No 'cause for acting big
Got to love, got to live

Stick around with me
I'm gonna show you things

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Rat bat blue
You're so fine
Rat bat blue

Get out, you didn't understand
I'm a hard loving man
No way you can satisfy
The way you look, the way you lie

And when you shut the door
Make sure I don't see you
'Round here no more

Rat bat blue
Rat bat blue
Rat bat blue

Rat bat blue
Rat bat blue