Whiskey Remorse Lyrics

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There is a girl I used to know
She had a hundred ways of hurting you, and so
I packed my bags and left her as she watched some TV show,
There is a girl I used to know.

There is a town I used to love
It once contained most everything I ever dared dream of.
My baby in the basement as the traffic trolled above,
There is a town I used to love.

There is a bar I used to know
I still sometimes drop by when I have no place else to go.
It's where the kings of comedy compare their tattered souls,

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So buy me one more drink before you go,
Or lend me a twenty and I'll get drunk on my own.
You always find some company come in to use the phone,
Someone who can't stand to see a friend go home alone.

There is a joke I used to tell
Some guy who gets three wishes, ends up wasting them to hell.
And in the end, in misery, he tells the joke himself:

There is a guy I used to know
He once had everything that any man could hope.
And now he sits here drinking with a tale that always goes:
"There is a girl I used to know.."