Chair That Rocked Us All Lyrics

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I called you all together for in just an hour or two
There'll be an auction on the square just might int'rest you
The first time I've seen most of you since mama passed away
And that old chair that rocked us all will be auctioned off today

Well I guess you know of course I lost the farm
That daddy sweated all his life to keep
And even worked sometimes by moonlight
Oh when all of us kids were sound to asleep
Now I guess we were all just too busy fulfilling worldly dreams
To even care when they took the chair along with all the other things

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You know if you could capture all the love that we found in that old chair
Why you could wipe out all the hatred in this old world
And you'd still have a lot of love to spare
Now all I ask and it's not too much is just go with me to the square
And let's take a look among all the other things at mama's old rocking chair

And look at all the teeth marks put there when we were small
Yes go with me for one last look at the chair that rocked us all