Ole Romeo Lyrics

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(Lynn Cramer)
ނ« Þ‚© '65 Sixteenth Avenue Music, BMI ނ»

Well the sun rose hot this morning at the break of dawn
I jumped for my towel and I slipped my flip flops on
I'm making for the beach before everyone gets on the go
Look out girls here comes ole Romeo
Yeah I run from my car with the top already let down
I wanna be there waitin' when the girls start leaving town
With my sun tan lotion and my sunglasses also they'll know
Look out girls here comes ole Romeo
I kinda flex my muscles when I see them coming in sight
I have to watch myself cause I don't wanna start no fight
When they all gather round me some kinda put on a show

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Yeah move over boys here comes ole Romeo
Well it didn't take long for me to get used to it
My hairs all messed up from them running their fingers through it
I have to hold back charms that I really want to let go
Yeah look out girls here comes ole Romeo
While I'm sittin' here listening to all their moans and sighs
Some big cat walks up and kicks sand in my eyes
He stands six foot six and weighs about 2-4-0
Oh but I hate to say it but it looks like the end of ole Romeo
Yeah you won't kick sand in my eyes
Wouldn't like it too much or what that must cause
Looks like one of you girls will stay
You don't wanna leave