Take A Little Good Will Home Lyrics


Del Reeves - Take A Little Good Will Home

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Well I've always been a real free hearted kind of a feller
I've been known to give away the shirt right off of my back
To buy drinks and dance with every little girl that look lonely
A little common sense is about the only thing I lack

Well I just stopped here to drink one beer on a payday
I got to feelin' real good the way a workin' man should about five
Now my money's all gone and I gotta go home to my baby
And she thinks I'm about the greatest little man alive

But she's been telling me that charity begins at home
And saying Willy if you're gonna be late at least phone

[lyrics was taken from http://www.lyrics.my/artists/del-reeves/lyrics/take-a-little-good-will-home] One man good will industry she's been a calling me
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And sayin' Willy you oughta bring a little good will home
[ guitar ]
Well I should have known better to listen to you bartenders
But when advice is free it's all a fool like me can afford
And after listenin' to you I feel a whole lot worse instead of better
I could blame it on the talking but it might have been the drinks you poured

And now you're telling me that charity begins at home...
And sayin' Willy you sure took a good will home