Time Keeps On Slipping Lyrics

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Yeah, that's the funky funky shit
Ay bust it, yo, yo

Deltron tremendous force to end your course
Every whim is enforced
I send men with torches to raid your fortress
And in the process radiate your optics

Subconsciously haunt emcees
Super human technician atomic inner dimension
Too mental with intuition
Typographical aptitude let my lasers clap at you

Mapped the route, psychologically crappin' out
What you laughing 'bout?
Imitations getting penetrated and reassimulated
In my emcee training class remain in mass

Never get liquidated convert energy
Into matter instantly with a pen and pad
Calculate the cenograd, heat the center of gravity
Abolish apathy graphically packing 380's

With body heat sensitive bullets you need safety
Vest on your face and neck
Mental armory levitate legs for my monarchy
No malarkey my flows embarking
Psionically sparking brain cells 'til they're sparkling

No one knows the time passing by
No one knows the time passing by

I remake my universe every time I use a verse
To fulfill my destiny, emcees rest in peace
Side barriers provide care within from impurities
Every word sees your attention like third degree

I subjugate you other fake performers while the bass of your face
No sense you be in attempt fleeting
Emcees Siphon, my likeness
Biting my insights like five enchiladas

This plain of existence is amazingly different
From my orbital oratory always going for the glory

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I stay in effect with alien tech, make you wanna say he's the best

With synchronization with commendation
It's armor plated hard to fake it
Never carbonated, scar your matrix
Virtually uncertainty, murk your mediocre sheets and sofa

With my style of energy, del assembling
A realm where anything is possible
NASA scientists can't define this
Mechanical mind set diamond alignment

No one knows the time passing by
No one knows the time passing by

Mathematical astro grapple a flow, pterodactyl
Very factual crash course, last resort, cast me off
At last we warp to my own world
My own neurological cubbyhole

Open the air shaft I'll be there fast
With spare raps to tear back their mass
Deltron experimental critical literal
Professor test the pitiful

Micronautalyst interchangeable
All of this gamma grammar far from Bama
Got mind control bandannas

To control your clan with scanners
Brand the planet like a band of bandits
Who man the cannons and guns with random

Sub atomic, love of logic, bug with phonics
Tub of chronic low in bridle with controlling ciphers
Unraveling rhyme, in traveling time
Alien life form mail in a pipe bomb

Deltoid life long I write songs
Monarch absolute, serve a glass of proof
When I vanish leave my spirit in a planet
On top of the surface my words and wit emerging

No one knows the time passing by
No one knows the time passing by