Pseudo Intellectual Lyrics

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(Jimmy P. Brown II, George Ochoa)
Defying all laws of logic
Scrutinizing truth to lies
To suit presuppositions, I ask why?
I'm sure for greedy gain
Or plain ignorance
Parroting what you've heard
There all lies
Pseudo intellectual
You walk in utter darkness
Pseudo intellectual
Professing to be wise, you've become a fool
Blind leading the blind

[lyrics was taken from] Professors in our universities
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Saying the Bible doesn't compare
To scientific proof
I got news for you
The Bible is historic literature
Has survived the scrutiny
Of the likes of you
You think you've got the answer for everything
How to refute Christianity
Trying so hard to disprove it0s validity
Many have tried and failed, why don't get a life
You say the Bible contradicts itself
I ask you, show me where, you never can
Next time think twice, before you speak your tripe
You've been silenced by the Scriptures
Ha that's what I thought