Windows Of The Soul Lyrics

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(Jimmy P. Brown II)
Turning away
Seeing the light
I vanquish the dark
And conquer the night
River of anger is rapidly flowing
Mind keeps unleashing its poison
Diverted directions where words become weapons
Bitterness sown, deep hatred and malice
Reach deep in my soul

[lyrics was taken from] Through the windows of my eyes
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Distorted views on what beauty may be
Mind goes to work on these impurities
Over and over my faint heart has failed
I cross to the dark side and search for the key?
I'm tempted to judge every book by its cover
Fail to consider the spirit within
Give me the heart of the nail torn lover
The bloodied and battered forgiver of sin
Reach deep in my soul
Through the windows of my eyes
Reach deep in my soul?