Why Should I Love You? Lyrics

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Why should I love you?
You treat me so bad, you make me glad
Why should I care for you
I'll tell you my feelings honestly

There are a few factors that lie in your favour
Yet I'm attracted also distracted
Pride may ruin you slowly, harbouring feelings
You never let go

[lyrics was taken from http://www.lyrics.my/artists/des-ree/lyrics/why-should-i-love-you] Trying to tell me that I'm in the wrong
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Though we've been together for so long
There is something there that I need
Yet far away from you I shall be free

You wake up the sun shines on your face
You crack a smile you got big plans today
Your freedom lies way up in the skies
You'll fly high with invisible wings

Ooo ooooh oooo, oooh oooh, ohh oooh oooh