Taste The Poison Lyrics

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Come in,sit down,Your knees on the ground
Woman you hate,Woman you hate your inno-
Sense its racing,pulse its pacing,Bite marks tracing
track marks down your bleeding neck

Is it your skin,your hips,your lips,your touch on my prick,
Or the vision of cum on your lips?
Exciting my flesh,Hot lust breath its waiting,
Taste the poison Demoness!

Woman,your sex is like a cult to me,
Ritualistic Ecstasy!

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My teeth,I rip,your throat,I lick your pain,I suck
In the heat of the wolflust fuck
Suck me,break you,take you ,make me want you
Woman ,Its what i want from you
Feelin' it,Breathe it,I know you need it
Its electric,Shock you,fuck you
Is it your skin,your taste,your sex
Your blood,your breast?,

Taste my Poison oh Demoness!