Fear Of The Moment Lyrics

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I am ready to die, the world won't miss me
You wanna know why?
Humanity is out of control
Why should I stay and play my lousy role?

I can't stand the pain
The script is written
Don't wanna remain
Now the time is right
Won't be too difficult
To give up the last fight

Fear of the moment
My world is a maze with a dead end

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Fear of the moment
The will to live is hard to defend

If I would pass away, would they ever miss me?
Maybe just for one day
If I would have real friends
The dead end would make no fucking sense

This pain is shredding, rewind
The sense of a free mind

I I feel the season is right
To attract attention and stop the fight
Why you wanna know why?
My time isn't up, I'm not ready to die