Electric Heart Lyrics

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The electric heart shines for you
It's given up sparks
But that's nothing new

The electric heart
Spins its lightning web
The spider sparkle lights the way ahead

I eat the biscuits, a gift for her
I eat the fishes, they got no fur

The open road
Oh, God's final town
I'll take a little sip from its high drip

The earth hurts sky say your name
The earth was dry until you came

A little baby begins to grow
A happy belly begins to glow

The electric sky combing in the snow
He's always high

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My winter friends with Christmas legs
And cold, cold beards
And frozen heads

We keep them shiny
We keep them shone
'Cuz though they're tiny, they're valuable

I've lost my nails but that's nothing new
And goddamn thumbs
Thumbs, goddamn you

And if all else fails as all else do
There's someone else
For sure will take my place

Now flung from dreams your voice reappears
And it almost sings like you're almost here
Singing an ancient chant, spreads his dusty lens

And I'm coming in in my head
Electric heart sang for us
Shining love