I Do Dig A Certain Girl Lyrics

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Well I do like a certain girl
She moves like a dancing dream
I saw everything I've seen
And I meant everything I mean

Oh, queen bee,
All is happy and free
Oh, queen bee,
Land by me
By me

She's kissed everyone I've kissed
She's missed everyone I've missed
And her guess is always good as mine
I'm blessed,

[lyrics was taken from http://www.lyrics.my/artists/devendra-banhart/lyrics/i-do-dig-a-certain-girl] She treats me so damn kind
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She's grown every seed i've grown
She's known everything I know
And our dreams,
They always coincide
And our bows,
Are always fully tied

Oh, queen bee
Who is happy to see
Oh, queen bee
Sting me
Sting me