I Love That Man Lyrics

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I love that man when he's on stage
I hear bad things in a good way
And how I thank you all the time
So don't refuse this 'thank you' of mine

And I arrive at your feet in peace
And I spend my time as I please
And I can't stop light from shining in
My goddamned breath keeps breathing

And at your end and your leaving
May you have no sin worth grieving
And I hope that I can someday ask

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Now you talk, I'll pour
And our nearness grows
And when I'm bored
I'll let you know

This black ink cross that's on our palms
Let's keep 'em on
And never wash 'em off
It ain't for God, it's just for us

Once my friend but never again
And once we're in, we never end
We never end, we never end, we never end