Korean Dogwood Lyrics

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Red oak, sugar
And Korean Dogwood, Korean Dogwood
Vibes turn to rubbed rum
Lit by mission moonlight Kangas on that hillside

You are my life
And you baffle me some like vanilla's maple
Inca cornflower
You're my baby's blue eyes

And when your gown dissolves in a prayer
You'll hear a sound that rings true and fair

Black king, lightning

[lyrics was taken from http://www.lyrics.my/artists/devendra-banhart/lyrics/korean-dogwood] The dawn of orange blossoms and orange blossoms
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My friend Keegan
Drawing endless love songs, endless love songs

Calm breath, sweet being
Show me what you're seeing, show me what you're seeing
And though right and loud and proud
Every little word it still ain't heard

Strange prayers looming
Over all our brothers, over all our brothers
Prison life served
But Navajo Gospel is a rope thrown helpful

But for sure all that we've made
Will be swallowed by the earth for it's got no worth