The Body Breaks Lyrics

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The body breaks and the body is fine
And I'm open to yours and I'm open to mine
The body aches and that ache takes it time
But you'll get over yours and I'll get over mine

And the sun will shine
And the moon will rise up

The body calls, yeah, the body, it calls out
It whispers at first but it ends with a shout
The body burns, yeah, the body burns strong

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Until mine is with yours then mine will burn on

My flash sings out
It sings, "Come put me out"

The body sways like the wind on a swing
A bridge through a hoop or a lake through a ring
The body stays and then the body moves on
And I'd really rather not dwell on when yours will be gone

But within the dark there is a shine
One tiny spark that's yours and mine