The Shadow Lyrics

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
A real nice guy with a nasty side
In trouble he tried to hide from himself

Good Gog, sad man
Couldn't face up to the yin and the yang
Everybody all of us got a shadow

Who knows what lurks in the hearts of men
The shadow knows we become what
We do not what we pretend

[lyrics was taken from] Between the intention and the expression
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Between the emotion and the response
Falls the shadow

Sometimes I fail to follow through on things
That i want to do and other times I find
Myself doing the very things I hate

Reverend Jimmy and Tammy Belle
Big time pumpers with a story to sell
Wait a minute, their finger's pointin' at you

Pay attention, listen up, don't try to deny it
Or cover it up, everybody, all of us got a shadow